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Structural Fabrication
for Vertical and Horizontal Frames

JTI’s structural fabricating capabilities allow us to become the one-stop shop for implementing our support systems into a complete turnkey feature for our clients and facilitate the insulation of the piping system. The photo to the right shows the vertical structural and horizontal bridge for the duct. Notice that the duct supports are an integral part of the assembly. The vertical and horizontal structural frames were fabricated in  JTI’s shop and supports were pre-mounted on the frames to ensure correct assembly. The frames were dropped into place with a crane in two pieces and bolted in place.
  • Auxiliary Steel
  • Support Frames
  • Pipe Bridges
  • And More
JTIJOVE® in addition to auxiliary steel and pipe bridges we can provide all the accessories for a complete installation. Including Structural Bolting, Anchor Bolts, T-Poles, Stanchions, structural frames, rod assemblies, slide plates, Guide Clips, and specialty-designed supports. One-Stop Shop.