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The Technical Work We Can Do

At JTIJOVE®️, we believe that innovation is a fundamental part of just about everything we do. Since the mid 70’s we have been dedicated to helping our customers find new ways to manage complex piping systems more efficiently, safely, and sustainably.

At JTIJOVE® we collaborate and work with Owners, their Engineers, and Contractors to make sure the end-users piping systems meet the intended requirements for a safe and long-term life span.

  • Stress analysis
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • L&L Nonmetallic Piping
  • Professional and Experienced

Consulting Services, Stress Analysis, Finite Element Analysis,
Specification Development, Tech Talk, Lunch and Learn Seminars,
Pipe Supports and Hangers, JOVE® Products, Structural frames and Auxiliary steel.

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From the Beginning to the End!

The goal of JTIJOVE® is to build long term relationships with our clients by providing cost effective, high quality service and products that meet the requirements of our clients and their projects.

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Matt Qualls

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Technical Support & Services

  • Consulting Services


    Consulting Services, Tech Talk, Lunch and Learn Seminars

  • Stress Analysis


    Stress Analysis

  • L&L Nonmetallic Piping


    L&L Nonmetallic Piping

  • Finite Element Analysis


    Finite Element Analysis

  • Pipe Supports and Hangers


    Pipe Supports and Hangers

  • JOVE® Products


    JOVE® Products, Services, Catalogs and Manuals

  • Structural frames and Auxiliary steel


    Structural frames and Auxiliary steel

Best practices for Design

Lessons Learned from JTIJOVE®️

Lunch & Learn SeminarsMeet our Senior Consultant Walter Brough, PE, NCEES and learn how due the corrosive resistance qualities of the materials and the lower cost relative to high alloy piping. Non-metallic pipe became the material of choice for piping systems transporting highly corrosive liquids and gasses.

However, in the early 70’s major failures in piping systems spirited the development of the JOVE®️ product line of pipe supports. JOVE®️ has maintained a successful, non-failure, track record since the early 70’s. Learn the supporting techniques for non-metallic piping and duct systems.

We partner with owners, engineering firms, suppliers and contractors to enhance process, power and environmental projects to eliminate misapplied, non-load-rated and/or low-quality supports. 

You will leave this webinar with a broad knowledge/understanding of the non-metallic piping systems and best practice supporting of non-metallic piping systems.

Lunch and Learn Objectives:

  1. Learn the uniqueness of both Fiberglass and HDPE pipe as it relates to their physical properties and support system.
  2. Learn the best practices for supporting options and how 1000 feet of HDPE, with the expansion of 10 times steel, was supported in the canyons of Los Alamos and controlled in an environment that continually change from 40o to 120o F on a daily basis.
  3. Learn why piping systems fail and how to avoid costly environmental cleanup.
NAV Works Model

Technical & Consultive Services

At JTIJOVE®, we believe that innovation is a fundamental part of just about everything we…

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