Walter Brough

Senior Consultant - Walter Brough, PE, NCEES

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JTI’s Senior Consultant as a young engineer, designed a flue gas venturi scrubber system reducing the flue gas from 450 degrees F to 130 degrees for entry into a fiberglass scrubber system. As an environmental engineer, designed multiple noxious and explosive gas recovery metallic and nonmetallic duct systems. During his career, he has designed and analyzed multiple piping systems in pulp and paper, chemical, power, and energy plants. He has owned and operated a fiberglass plant and is well versed in all phases of fiberglass manufacturing. JTI’s was a consultant for the Olin Corporation, Eli Lilly, Proctor and Gamble, Arkansas Eastman, and Los Alamos National Labs. He developed the specifications for both fiberglass and dual laminate piping systems at these facilities. As an owner and operated a construction company and was intimately involved with the construction activities in the above facilities and others. He is experienced with piping and duct analysis and fabrication in carbon steel, high alloys, fiberglass, and HDPE materials. After an intensive interview by Herzog & de Meuron and the general contractor, He was chosen as the Delegated Engineer responsible for all phases of the design, fabrication, and support system for the Pérez Art Miami Museum for the eight chambers of hanging gardens. Walter developed a laminated structure for the fiberglass tubes to withstand 146 mph hurricane forces and supervised the fabrication of the tubes, supports, and complete superstructure including the tension tie rod system for all seven chambers of the museum’s lush vertical greens. Each chamber has 8 to 11 custom fiberglass tubes for a total of 67, designed for hurricane wind forces up to 146 miles per hour. The tubes are 18 inches in diameter, vary in length from 28 feet to 51 feet, and weigh as much as 1.5 tons. The tubes tested out under actual hurricane-force winds over 155 mph. JTI was the winner of the coveted Architizer, A+Award for excellence at the award ceremony in NYC.

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